Effects of the Pandemic on Africa
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III. Effects of the Pandemic on Africa
a. The effects of HIV/AIDS on Africa can be seen in a "cause and effect" style, this article provides a good overview of the effects: http://www.avert.org/aidsimpact.htm
b. Activity: Divide students into seven groups corresponding to each section of the article, and then have each group explain the effects of HIV/AIDS on their specific section. Examples can be written on the board in a chart to help students visualize the impacts
c. Effects from the article for each section can include but are not limited to:
i. The Impact on the Health Sector:
1. Hospitals are unable to treat all the patients
2. Healthcare workers are becoming infected with the illness, and there are few workers available
3. Most AIDS patients are only admitted to the hospital late in their illness
ii. The Impact on Households
1. Households are more likely to dissolve
2. More dependents per each money earner
3. Children are forced to abandon education
4. Women may have to turn to prostitution
5. Spending is cut from basic needs such as electricity and clothing
6. Fewer people to work in agriculture, less food
7. Financial burden of paying for funerals
iii. The Impact on Children
1. Families cannot afford to send children to school
2. Children do not receive proper nutrition
3. Many children are orphaned
iv. The Impact on Education
1. Fewer children are attending school
a. Fewer receive education about HIV prevention
2. Many teachers are living with AIDS
a. Have to take more time off for illness, to help family members, or attend funerals
b. Many schools have few teachers and class may not be properly taught when teachers are absent
v. The Impact on Enterprises and Workplaces
1. Increased costs for health-care and funeral benefits from companies
2. Less demand for services in many households
3. Lower productivity because of absenteeism
vi. The Impact on Life Expectancy
1. Falling life expectancies, by up to twenty years
2. Increased child mortality
3. Adults are dying in their economically productive years
vii. The Economic impact
1. The number of people who can work has been reduced
2. Less attraction for international investors
3. No way for further economic development

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