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Cultural Production
-Defined as the music, visual art, and performance of a given society
Questions to ask students:
1. What are examples of our society's cultural production?
a. Even though it may seem simple, this is a good way help students understand the concept
2. What do you think these examples of cultural production show about our society?
a. This question is meant to open students up to the idea that African cultural production may illuminate certain things about Africa .
-Patrick McNaughton gives the following examples for what visual arts should illuminate:
"African art offers viewers in Africa and everywhere else the chance to explore themselves as well as others and gain perspectives on the nature of personhood, society, and culture" (McNaughton 119).

Ghanaian Drummer

Photo courtesy of Flickr: Pierre Pouliquin 15 February, 2007. "National Multicultural Festival" Flick. Retrieved via the World Wide Web 5 May, 2009:

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