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Africa is a continent of 53 countries and accounts for 14.8% of the World's population. It contains people of many religions, speakers of a variety of languages, and has played an important part in the World's history. For too long, Africa has not been part of the basic high school curriculum. If the continent is discussed it is often in the light of slavery and colonialism. Contemporary Africa, though, plays a much more complex role in the world community than just as the subject of Western colonialism. This website is meant to act as a tool for high school educators teaching the Advanced Placement World History curriculum. It is meant to offer resources for the teacher looking to add contemporary Africa to his or her class. The site is broken down into topics, which then branch into smaller topics including article resources and discussion questions. In the vein of the greater AP World curriculum, this website does not provide timeline information about Africa, but rather explores broad topics through a few specific examples. Since most of our views of Africa are based on generalizations and assumptions, each topic includes discussion questions about students' past assumptions in order to help them question their present views of Africa. Lastly, the curriculum exemplified here is meant to challenge students' views and pique their interest in the contemporary role of the continent and its people. The hope of this curriculum is that students will leave with a larger interest in Africa, therefore creating more responsible global citizens.

Downtown Nairobi, Kenya

Photo courtesy of Flickr: Afromusing 26 January, 2009. "Nairobi Skyline" Africa Architecture. Flickr. Retrieved via the World Wide Web 5 May, 2009:

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