Class Process
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  1. Early notice of deadlines
  2. Balance different viewpoints
  3. Help with group dynamics
  4. Provide background upon request  


  1. Be prepared
  2. Show up, listen & laugh
  3. Have a Sabbath.
  4. Plan on 40-hour week


  1. Punctual!  
  2. Proactive in teaching and learning
  3. Validate every other member of our “team.”
  4. Seek to understand other perspectives
  5. Respect differences


Grading is on a point system starting January 4:  

Daily class Participation

Daily postings

Three quizzes


Research Project








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  1. 2011 Anonymous Student Evaluations

    This class is a lot of hard work, but at the end of the term you will have a better understanding of Native American tribes in the United States.

    This is one of the best courses I have taken at Colby, while the workload is intense it is entirely manageable and you will learn a lot. Class passes by really fast with all of the great and involved discussions and the work is varied so interesting.            

    This course is extremely interesting, however I think the amount of work assigned is too much. The final project especially seems excessive. I would advise taking this course if you think you are interested in the course material and are prepared to work very hard for all of JanPlan.

    This is one of the best Jan plan courses. Though it’s really intense you will learn a lot that goes beyond the Rez and the Hood. The Professor is always ready to assist and listen to you. You will learn the art of working, discussing and laughing

    I would not recommend this course due to the amount of work and the number of credits.

    You can learn a lot about the Native Americans and their relationship with the state and federal governments in this class.   However, it is a tough course to take during Jan plan.  If you want to take this class, you should make sure that you really are ready to put in a lot of effort!

    This is a very intensive course with a lot of reading, writing, and thinking--it stretches your abilities and considers a large swath of social-political issues concerning Indians and touches on how those issues connect with other issues in the US and the world. You feel like you've really learned a lot by the end of this course.

    The course material is really interesting but there is lots of work, so you have to be willing to commit to the workload and be interested in the subject.  But if you do, you will learn a lot.