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BAD -- Backcountry Against Dumps

BIA -- Bureau of Indian Affairs  

CWA-- Clean Water Act 

EIS--Environmental Impact Statement

EPA -- Environmental Protection Agency

GAA-- General Allotment Act  

ICRA --   Indian Civil Rights Act,  See PEVAR, Ch. XIV

IGRA -- Indian Gaming Regulatory Act, See PEVAR, Ch. XVI

IRA -- Indian Reorganization Act of 1934   

ITM-    Internal Tribal Matters --issues over which the tribe has exclusive authority. 

LULU-- Locally unwanted land use

NEPA --National Environmental Policy Act, See McGOVERN, pp 167-70 and 199-203

NPDES --  National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System which requires a permit to discharge effluent into rivers or streams. (pronounced "Nip-dees")

NIMBY -- Not in My Backyard

PIN -- Penobscot Indian Nation

RCRA-- Resource Conservation and Recovery Act, the federal statute governing municipal waste 

TAS-- Treatment as a State -- EPA's determination that a tribe may be treated the same as a state government for purposes of environmental regulation.  See CB 140-57

WQS--  Water Quality Standards

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