Week 4
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Week 4

January 26 Monday, Post-Mao Pop (2)
Carved Moon (Liu Huan) Text
My 1997 (Ai Jing) Text

Calligraphy: Different brush styles
Brush paintings (1)

January 27 Tuesday, Gangtai Pop in the 1990s
Stride A While (Ye Qianwen, Taiwan, 1991) Lyrics
Friends(Emil Wakin Chau, 1997) Lyrics
Follow Your Feelings (Julie Su, 1990)  Lyrics
Descendants of the Dragon (Lee Hom Wang )

Calligraphy: Brush painting (2)

January 28 Wednesday, Foreign Songs in Chinese
Auld Lang Syne Lyrics
My Heart Will Go On   Lyrics

Calligraphy: Brush painting 3

January 29 Thursday, Pop Songs in the 2000s
Mice Love Rice (Info)  (English version) Lyrics
Listen to Your Mom (Jay Chow, Taiwan) Lyrics
NYT article-Chinese Hip Hop

Chinese New Year Song  Lyrics

Calligraphy: Brush paintings

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