Week 1
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Monday, January 5 Beijing Olympic Theme Songs
You and Me (2008)  Text
Ode to the Motherland (1954, 2008)
Calligraphy: Introduction

Tuesday, January 6  Folk Songs (1)
Song of Mount Ali(Taiwan) Text
 Kangding Love Song(Sichuan Ganzi Tibetan area, 1939) Text
 In That Remote Place (Tong Li, J. Denver) (Qinghai, the Kazak ethnic group, 1939) Text
Calligraphy: The art of Chinese calligraphy, pp. 1-23. Practice Strokes

Wednesday, January 7  Folk Songs (2)
Jasmine Flower (Jiangsu province) Text
Wedding Vow (Miao minority, 1957) Text
Husband and Wife Return Home in Pairs (Anhui province 1955)Text
Calligraphy: Practice strokes

Thursday, January 8 Revolutionary Songs (1)
National Anthem (1935, 1949) Text
The Chinese Military Anthem (1938, 1952) (Red Laowai) Text
The Song of the Guerrilla (1938) Text
Calligraphy: Practice stroke orders

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