Zeus Land
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Welcome to Zeus Land!


Zeus Land is a game of chance! The goal is to finish the game before your opponent. You and your opponent are the competing Greek and Roman gods, Zeus and Jupiter. Use your lightning bolts and guile to your advantage as you make your way through Zeus Land!


  • Players first roll the die to see who moves first.
  • The players then roll the die on a turn-by-turn basis, moving the number of spaces rolled on the die.
  • If a player rolls the same number twice in a row, then the player throws a lighting bolt by rolling the die again. If the player again rolls the same number, the lightning bolt hits that player and he moves back that number of spaces. If it is a different number, then the lightning bolt hits the other player, and he moves back the number of spaces on the die.
  • Follow the on-board instructions to play the game!
To Win
  • A player must land on the Finish! space to win the game. If the player over-shoots the goal, he moves back to start and begins again.
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  1. Our group members thought Zeus Land was pretty enjoyable.  We were frustrated by constantly having to go back to the beginning if we didn't roll the right number to land on Finish! 

  2. Group B:

    The path was all about losing turns or spaces, seemed simplistic. Lightning concept was strange, but interesting. 

    Landing exactly on Finish could result in infinite gaming...and was also frustrating, but an effective negative feedback loop.