Two Blind Mice
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Number of Players: 4

Materials: Two paper "mice", mini post-its, 2 pencils


1.  Divide players into two teams of two each

2.  Have one player from each team close his eyes

3.  The other players should designate a start and finish line on the (single) playing surface and arrange post-its within boundaries (as obstacles)

4.  The mice should be placed near the start of the play-space but within the boundaries--they should be equidistant from the starting line

5.  The two "blind" players begin by placing their pencils, eraser down, on the table near the starting line

6.  When everyone is ready, the "seeing" players guide their blind teammate to the mouse and through the (same) maze


7.  Whoever makes it to the endline first, wins

Rules & Penalties

1.  You cannot pin the mouse down with your pencil--you must push it along (even if you can't feel it's there)

2.   Do not hit the post-its.  If you hit the post-its, you must move back one (long) post-it length

Game by: Nicki Ciociolo-Hinkell, Dan Nolan, Peter Williams, Kenny Peterson

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  1. The game was very tedious, but considering the simplicity of the materials used, it was clever. The rules were a bit unclear about how the board should be set up (how complex or simple). Was each team supposed to create their own maze, or make one maze for both teams? Overall an interesting concept that has lots of potential.

  2. It's not environmentally friendly... (sad) I suggest getting something a bit more environmentally friendly, such as recyclable spoons made from corn! Also biodegradable!

     The game was difficult because the two "blind mice" kept hitting each other while going through the same maze. It was a game that is easy to set up, though, so that's good. All in all, a good concept with the limited supplies!