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Stated Goals

Game Concepts

  • Keyboard and mouse control--keyboard moves tank, mouse aims canon
  • Single player gameplay vs. AI at first, we will make it multiplayer if we have time
  • Interactive, moving environment 
  • Missiles will richochet off walls & interact with/destroy the environment and players
  • Upgradable weapons, armor, etc.  One will use the between-level menu to "buy" upgraded items
  • Levels will be randomly generated to provide more gameplay and require less coding
  • Variable styles for the levels, i.e. metal, sand, wood box, etc.
  • Perhaps have health or money appear in/drop into the level 
  • There may be a boss, at the end of the game, to defeat


  • Download - An example of the basic algorithm developed for dealing with randomly generated levels / collision of bullets with walls.
  • Download - A simple level showing the mine behavior. Mines are laid under the tank and explode after a few seconds. The explosion animation is temporarily replaced with a mole popping out of the ground. The explosion deals damage to the tank (which can withstand two explosions) and destroys the randomly placed walls. There is a button to increase the total mine-holding capacity of the tank, so that you can deploy more mines at the same time.



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