Shuffle badger
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Jamison Sawyer

Objects- *A Bucky the badgers doll with reversable vest

             * A small cone

             * a bucket

             * extra item- a chair

             * a timer

Number of players- the number of players who can compete is unlimited, but at least 3 is the preferred amount. One player must be an impartial timer.

Objective- The game we created was a racing game that involves hand eye coordination, tactics, and a little bit of luck.

Setup- the competitor is on one side of the room sitting in a rolling chair, with the cone. The other items are on the other side of the room sitting on a table, and a competitor stands next to the table. A timer stands beside the bucket and starts the clock.

Basic gameplay- The competitor must roll across the room to the table and manage to get the badger into the cone without using their hands at all. They then must continue rolling and touch the wall beside the table, and begin tossing the badger from the cone to the bucket on the table. Once the badger makes it into the bucket, the timer stops and you mark down your time. After all competitors have gone, the person with the lowest total time wins the game of shuffle badger

Rules- You are only allowed to use your feet to motion you as you roll, and you must always be facing forward. When you get to the badger, if at ANY point during the picking up, or the tossing to the bucket, the badger falls on the ground, you must get up out of the chair and pick it up. It is at this point that your competitor can push the chair away from you in any direction. While the chair is rolling you must successfully take off the badgers vest, turn it around, and put it back on him, before you can toss him again. If however the badger is thrown and never hits the floor, but lands on the table, you must only go pick up the badger, but your competitor can still roll the chair away. Once the badger has been tossed into the bucket, he must remain in it even if the bucket tips over, at least to the point where some amount of his vest is on the inner edge of the bucket. Once this happens the timer will stop and your competitor(s) will then attempt and you will be the chair rolling person.