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1.     Lemmings

2.     Web Browser (

3.     The user must direct lemmings by giving them certain skills.

4.     Puzzle Game

5.     Mouse Movement/Clicking

6.     The goal is to direct as many lemmings as you can to the door at the end of the level.

7.     Lemmings are easily destroyed.

8.     The rules are very simple - you can assign one job to a lemming at a time (although the same lemming may have different jobs over the course of the level).  The lemmings follow a simple movement pattern.  Level success is based on how many lemmings you saved out of the initial population.

9.     Players can compete to see who can save the most lemmings in the shortest amount of time.

10.  3 - It's not exactly addictive.

11.  1 - So easy to learn.

12.  3 - Fairly good for its time, but definitely inferior to modern games.

13.  2 - The game gets less interesting after a while.

14.  2 - If you're really bored, it might be fun to try and get through all the levels.  If you're a serious gamer, you might want to familiarize yourself with games of the olden days.  However, I wouldn't really recommend this as a fast-paced, especially stimulating game.


1.     Final Ninja

2.     Web Browser (

3.     The user takes the role of a ninja and must successfully navigate through each level while avoiding obstacles (mines, green electricity, etc.) to "overcome his arch nemesis Akuma".

4.     Action

5.     Arrow Keys or WASD, plus mouse to throw a rope or a ninja star.

6.     The goal is to defeat "Akuma", the nemesis of the ninja you represent.

7.     The challenges of the game involve effectively dealing with (destroying or avoiding) obstacles and enemies.

8.     The rule set's not too complex; basically, you move through each level - either by running, jumping, or swinging on a rope - and throwing ninja stars at adversaries when necessary. Enemies sometimes can't be destroyed.  Luckily, you're a ninja who can seemingly "disappear" by entering stealth mode. 

9.     Players can compete to see who can finish the game with the most points (gained by collecting money)

10.  3 - Well, it's entertaining for me to make that ninja bounce off the walls.

11.  1 - Very easy to learn.

12.  5 - Someone had fun with designing the graphics.

13.  3 -The game does get less interesting after a while.  There seems to be not enough action as time goes by.

14.  3 - This game's not really an edge-of-your-seat thriller, but it gets the job done. 

1.     MOTAS

2.     Web Browser (

3.     You begin the game in a locked room, not knowing anything about yourself.  By clicking on different objects,

4.     Adventure

5.     Mouse Clicking

6.     The goal is to find out who you are and what your story is.

7.     Each room contains a series of puzzles which the user must solve to finish the game.

8.     Anything clickable's fair game for helping you move on. 

9.     There's not much competition, except against yourself, to see if you can finish all of the levels. 

10.  5 - As I've said before, I like games that make you think.  In this one, you really need to process all the visual information and make decisions based on what you see.

11.  3 - Different players may find aspects of the game challenging at times.

12.  5 - Very well drawn.

13.  5 - Because the storyline is so strange (and if the user is curious), the game may be easily addicting.

14.  5 - Classic "escape the room" game.   


1.     Hapland 2

2.     Web Browser (    

3.     Click on different objects/people to direct one or more stick figures home.

4.     Point n' Click Puzzle

5.     Mouse Clicking

6.     The goal is to get the stick people where they're supposed to go (usually some sort of door).

7.     Each room contains a series of puzzles which the user must solve to finish the game

8.     The rules are fairly straightforward. Clicking on different objects or people causes events to happen.  If you mistakenly click something in the wrong order, you might end up getting "stuck". 

9.     If anything, competition exists against yourself to see how many levels you can complete.

10.  5 - Sort of interesting to see what happens when you click on different things.

11.  3 - Different players may find aspects of the game challenging at times.

12.  4- The graphics are actually not too bad, considering the heroes are stick figures.

13.  4 - It's engaging if you like puzzles.

14.  4 - I'm a fan of games that make you think.  In these sorts of games, there are so many things that could happen as a result of a single mouse click, and it therefore was fun for me to predict the consequences of my actions. 


1.     The Heist

2.     Web Browser (

3.     You choose different "heists" to do, and then play as the driver of the getaway car.

4.     Racing

5.     Arrow keys and spacebar (to fire weapons on your van)

6.     The goal is to avoiding civilians as you drive your car down the highway.

7.     The major challenges are to drive the car well, and to make decisions about what to do next (what heist to perform, what people to hire, et cetera).

8.     Rules aren't that complex; the better you drive, the more money you collect.  The money serves to help you hire more people and upgrade your vehicle.

9.     Competition exists (between yourself or other gamers) to see how well you do and far you can get.

10. 2 - I lost interest very quickly.

11. 1 - In fact, TOO easy.  The game didn't challenge me, which is perhaps why I lost interest.

12. 3 - Decent art for in-between missions, although fairly simplistic graphics for the actual gameplay.

13. 2 - Not all that engaging.  A lack of action and difficulty quickly drove me to boredom.

14.2 - It's not something you'll be glued to for days, but it might be interesting for a short period of time. 


1.     World of Goo

2.     Download for PC (Windows or Mac)       (

3.     There are little "goo" beings that you use to build structures.  The structures must extend to a suction pipe where the little goo guys will be collected, and yet be stable enough to not fall over. 

4.     Puzzle/Strategy

5.     Mouse Movement/Clicking

6.     The goal is to lead a minimum number of goo balls to the suction pipe (or target destination) to complete each level.

7.     The challenges of the game involve to constructing a goo configuration which is stable, leads to the suction pipe, and doesn't consist of too many goo balls (since you need a certain number to complete the level). 

8.     The success of your structure is dependent on simulated laws of physics.  Also, there are different types of goo guys.  Some are akin to balloons, and let your structure float.  Others are green, and flexible; they can be collected after being part of the structure.

9.     Competition exists to see who can collect the most goo balls and get the most bonus points at the end of each level.

10.  5 - Practically addictive.

11.  2 - Chapter one (the only section that the demo provides) was pretty easy to whiz through. 

12.  5 - Awesome graphics. 

13.  5 - I was completely engaged the whole time.

14.  5 - Great puzzle idea/design!

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