Plants vs Zombies- David Cain
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Fun: 5/5 This game is quite fun. It starts out a little too easy, but it's still a fun, engaging game.

Difficulty: 1/5 Each level slowly introduces new features of the game in a clear, easy to follow manner. Only the mouse is needed to play, and controls are intuitive.

Visuals: 5/5 The visuals are simplistic, but fun. They also keep gameplay smooth, as other Flash tower defense games suffer from decreased performance when too many objects are on screen at once.

Engaing: 4/5 This game is notoriously addicting, and engaged me from the beginning.

Recommendation: 2/5 The game is fun, with an easy learning curve, but the free version cuts gameplay short as soon as things seem to get interesting (and while I don't blame them, I wouldn't recommend this game because of it).