Megaman Project X
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Game: Megaman Project X

Platform: Flash Player

The evil Dr. Wily has created machines that are destroying the city. The only chance the city has for survival rests with humanoid robot Megaman, who attempts to save city from the machines. Using a pulse cannon attached to his hand, Megaman travels through different areas and kills off the invading robots.

Genre: Action-Platform
It follows the genres rules of moving through levels and encountering bosses at certain stages during the game.

ARROW KEYS: Move and Jump
SPACEBAR: Shoot (hold to charge blast)
END: Dash

The goal progress through the levels in hopes of saving the city from disaster. There are various boss encounters along the way which put you ever closer to your goal of saving the city. Defeat all the bosses and win the game.

The enemies move very fast in relation to your character. It is extremely difficult to avoid incoming damage in smaller corridors of the game. Timing jumps and reaching platforms is also a very difficult aspect of the game.

The complexity of the rule set is pretty simple. Keep your health bar above 0 and do not fall into the abyss. You have 3 lives.

There are four basic types of enemies that you encounter on your journey. The can all damage and kill you preventing you from reaching your goal. There are also bosses who have more health and are more difficult to kill.


Fun Rating: 2/5
Learning Curve: 1/5
Visual Quality: 2/5
Engaging Rating: 2/5
Overall Rating: 2/5
This game has the basic feel of the classic Megaman games and brings back some old memories. However, there are a glitches that need to be addressed by the developer. There are some movement issues involving the basic movement of the character and his interaction with the platforms which greatly inhibits the gameplay. If these issues were fixed this would be a much more enjoyable game.

James Staley

Fun: 2/5 its pretty repetitive and can be very frustrating

Learning Curve: 2/5 There arent many controls, but getting the hang of how mega man moves takes a little practice.

Visual Quality: 2/5 The models are a little rough around the edges but its classic 16-bit models.

Engagement: 1/5 Besides being mega-man there wasnt any reason to keep playing this game past the 20 minutes.

Overall: 2/5 Theres not very much to the gameplay