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Game I
1.    Under Construction
2.    Web browser
3.    The game is similar to tetris in that the player is given various shaped blocks to place together within the confines of a "building outline."  Like tetris, the blocks appear on a conveyor belt whose speed increases with each level of the game.  Extra points are awarded for placing blocks of the same color together.
4.    Puzzle game
5.    Mouse movement and clicking
6.    The goal is to fill a building outline without any remaining gaps between blocks.
7.    The speed of the conveyor belt makes the game challenging because it becomes more difficult to place the blocks before they reach the end and are trashed for a penalty of 2 points.
8.    The rules are not very complicated, especially if the player has played tetris or similar games:  Points are awarded for filling an outline and clumping blocks of similar colors together.  Points are deducted for any empty holes in the outline or any blocks that are trashed.  Any blocks can be rotated with the mouse of space bar.
9.    Given that this is a puzzle game, the only competition is a race against the clock to earn a high score.
10.    3
11.    1
12.    2 - The graphics were fairly simple.
13.    3 - The challenge to finish each level in the allotted time makes playing the game rather addicting
14.    3

Game II

1.    Rail of War
2.    Web browser
3.    The objective of the game is to travel through and destroy enemy troops with weapons loaded on board a steam engine.  Weapons, fuel, and repairs are purchased with a cash reserve each player is given at the beginning of the game.  Additional cash and bonus rewards are supplied throughout the game.  Each level has certain number of pick-up and drop-off locations that must also be reached before the level is completed.
4.    Action game
5.    Mouse clicking
6.    The main goal is to make the appropriate number of pick-ups and drop-offs at the given locations and then make it to the end point before the enemy destroys the train.
7.    The main challenge is combining strategy to care for train up-keep and the cash supply with the action coordination needed to fight off enemies in many different forms: cars, planes, tanks, etc.
8.    The rules are fairly complicated.  There were several instruction menus before the game began explaining all the different weapon options, key-board commands, and strategy.
9.    The competition for this game is against the computer-generated enemy troops.  Beyond that, high scores are achieved for the number of levels completed before the player's train is destroyed.
10.    2
11.    4
12.    3
13.    2 - The game seemed pretty slow-moving at first, especially when I didn't understand all the rules.
14.    2

Game III

1.    Mad Pac
2.    Web browser
3.    A derivative of PacMan, this game asks Mr. PacMan to eat the designated dots at each level without running into the ghosts who have "kidnapped" Mrs. PacMan.  There are occasional bonuses that give extra health, points, or immunity.
4.    Arcade game
5.    Arrow keys
6.    The ultimate goal of the game is to complete enough levels to "rescue Mrs. PacMan from the evil ghosts" who have kidnapped her.  To do this, the player must guide Mr. PacMan through a number of levels in which the ghosts chase him.
7.    The major challenge of the game is that the ghosts are more agile than PacMan, which allows them to travel in random diagonal patterns across the screen, while PacMan can only travel in columns and rows.  Also, any bonus that paralyzes the ghosts has an undetermined length of time during which it is affective, so the ghost can "spring back to life" unexpectedly at any time.
8.    The rules are simple, staight-forward PacMan concepts: eat the dots and don't get touched by a ghost.
9.    The competition lies in achieving a high score based on the number of levels completed.
10.    3
11.    1
12.    2
13.    4
14.    3

Game IV

1.    Track Star
2.    Web browser
3.    This game simulates running various track events.  It provides certain qualifying standards that must be reached in order to qualify for the next event.
4.    Flash game (arcade?)
5.    Various keys on keyboard (arrow keys, space bar, etc.)
6.    The goal of the game is to achieve each qualifying standard in order to continue on to the next event.
7.    The major challenge is to make the qualifying standards.  It's actually very difficult to make coordinate the arrow keys and space bar in order to successfully run, jump, and hurdle.
8.    The rules are very simple and are explained at the start of each level (event).
9.    The race is against the clock to achieve a high score.
10.    5
11.    2
12.    3
13.    5
14.    4

Game V

1.    The Scruffs
2.    Web browser
3.    This game is an I-spy game that asks the player to find lost artifacts in the messy household of the Scruff family.
4.    Puzzle?
5.    Mouse clicking
6.    The goal is to find all the hidden objects before time runs out.  Furthermore, the completion of each level advances the player one step closer to decoding a big final puzzle.
7.    The major challenges are that the items are camouflaged within each picture and each one must be found before time is up.
8.    The rules are very simple.
9.    The competition is a race against time.
10.    4
11.    2
12.    4
13.    3
14.    3

Game VI

1.    Penguin Diner
2.    Web browser
3.    This game simulates the work of a waitress who must seat customers, take orders, serve, and bus tables in order to earn money.
4.    Simulation game
5.    Mouse clicking
6.    The goal is to earn enough money to send Penny the lost penguin back to her family.
7.    The major challenge is to coordinate the needs of several different tables at once and to beat the clock in order to reach a quota of tips for each day.
8.    The rules are fairly simple.
9.    The competition is to complete levels and advance to harder challenges.
10.    4
11.    1
12.    3
13.    5
14.    3

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