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 I spent most my time designing, implementing, and debugging the GUI.  Many of the elements are in the final product, but, unfortunately, we were unsuccessful in completing some of the other features we had hoped to include in our game.

Successful Contributions:


  • GUI implementation
    As Adam generated image files for the GUI pages, I incorporated each finished page into our code. I inserted buttons that advance between screens. The screen shots below demonstrate the varying appearances that the buttons assume when they are (a.) normal, (b.) highlighted, or (c.) selected (down).
    Figure 1:
    a. normal                                                            b. highlighted                                        c. selected

With Adam:

  •  Timer
    We designed a level timer that begins recording when a player clicks to launch off the first iceberg.  Since sceneTime begins when the first level is loaded, we needed to calculate each player's time as the difference between sceneTime and the time at which he or she makes the first click.  Therefore, a player's time is stored in the global variable $diff.  If a player completes the game, that is, the penguin reached the final iceberg, the time stored in $diff is passed to and displayed in the Your Score GUI.

Attempted GUI Extensions:

Adam and I spent several days working together trying to implement a way of measuring and storing high scores.  This process involved the development of two extra GUI pages and required that we understood the TorqueScript method for storing information in files.

Extra elements:

  • Top 10 High Scores Page
  • New High Score! Page
  • storing high scores in global variables and saving them in a file when game closes

Adam and I were able to make several parts of our plan work by calling them from the console.  We were even able to incorporate the method calls for a few functions into the game.cs script file.  However, when we combined our files with the script files that implemented the majority of the gameplay, our method of saving high scores to a text file failed.  The following pictures show the successful appearance of scores when they were generated manually in the console.


Figure 2:
a. example of New High Score achieved                                                              b. example of High Scores Table

c. enlarged version of High Scores Table

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