Game Review 3
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1. Infectonator

2. Computer

3. You are an infection that must turn people into zombies by clicking on a map and sending out particles of infection from there.

4. Strategy. What makes it unique is that you only have one move (at first), and the choice comes in as you choosing the perfect moment to deploy the infection.

5. The game interface includes a global map/menu screen, continental map, and city maps. A menu bar is below that can open up options like "lab", "settings", and a series of buttons allows you to switch between infection and zombie types.

6. As for images, there are cars, coins, a dozen or so different people, a few zombie images, a few tree types, a few wall types, and some small yellow pixels that symbolize infection.

7. The people, coins, zombies and infection pixels move.

8. The goal of the game is to end the world via infection, one city at a time.

9. Your zombies are slower with limited lifespan, enemy soldiers shoot you down, walls can block infection, movement is basically random.

10. The things you actually do are fairly simple, but the extras (upgrades, zombie types) can be complex.

11. Compete against soldiers and time, as your zombies can be shot down and only last for a few seconds at best.

12. 3, 2.5, 3. It does draw you in and is very amusing, but not super entertaining. 

13. 1.5, 2, 1. The game is simple but some things (like upgrades) can be tricky to know how to apply.

14. 2,2,1.5. It doesn't need to be complex, but the highly pixellated image could be better.

15. 4, 2, 2. The problems are basic disinterest and the fact that a lot of the game is sitting and watching.

16. 1.5,1.5, 2. Not recommended.

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