Game Review 2
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1. Zombotron 2: Time Machine

2. Computer

3. In the game, you are some sort of soldier that runs and jumps around a 2d world and shoots zombies.

4. The game is part platformer, part shooter. The addition of guns makes it different from a platformer, and the platforms make it different from a normal shooter.

5. The interface needs a mouse and a keyboard, where the mouse points the gun and the keyboard moves the character, opens doors, etc. In the upper left there is an display showing ammo, gun type, health, and coins.

6. There are many, many, many shapes in the game as it goes beyond basic geometric shapes. Lots of environmental pieces, you're made up of various shapes.

7. You move, the zombies move, the bullets move, the coins move, elevator platforms can move and crates can be kicked around.

8. We are not sure of the goal of the game. You need to collect "things" and survive while continuing through a map.

9. The zombies are the major challenges, but explosives and fire will hinder you as well.

10. The rules are fairly simple in terms of modern games, but not as simple as "World's Hardest Game". One must avoid letting one's health hitting zero by keeping away from zombies/dead stuff in general, one can jump... that's about it.

11. You compete against the tons of enemies, the coins could create competition amongst players for high scores.

12. 4.5, 5, 4 THe game is enjoyable to players and watchers as your travel the tunnels and feel the panic of zombie attacks.

13. 2, 2, 2. The game is simple to learn as far as shooters go.

14. 5 (amongst free 2d games), 3, 5. The game has distinctive art style and is attractive.

15. 3,3,3. Sighs and exclamations of exasperation were sighed and exclaimed. That's pretty good. But it didn't suck us. into it.

16. 3.5, 3, 2. As far as free 2D games go, it is pretty good.

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