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 Group Members: Jesse, Chris, Jeff, and Hannah

 Objects: bottle cap, piece of electronic fuse, floppy disk case, pencil, paper, bucket

Game Area: Hallway, at least 10 ft long and around 5 ft wide.

Rules: Before the start of the tossing phase, all players who are not tossing will guess the number of objects which they think the tosser will make in the bucket. To make a guess, a player will write their name and the number of objects they think will be tossed into the bucket. Then each piece of paper will be placed in the floppy disk case. Once all guess's have been placed in the disk case, the tosser is ready to toss. The tosser must stand 10 ft from the bucket and try to toss they bottle cap, the pencil, the disk case and the fuse piece into the bucket. Afterwards, the papers are removed from the disk case and scoring takes place. Each player must take a turn tossing. After all players have tossed once the round is over.

Scoring: A point is awarded to the tosser for each object they make in the bucket. A guesser receives points equal to the number they guessed if the tosser makes that number of objects or more. No points are awarded for a guess above the correct number.

Objective: To finish the game with the most points.

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  1. This game was challenging because of the varying weights of the objects. It added an unknown element because tossing each piece became a challenge in and of itself. It was a creative variation on a well-known game. Great job!

  2. We found this game amusing. The floppy disk was difficult since even if it landed in the bucket, it would knock the bucket over and everything would fall over, and we weren't entirely sure what the rules were in this case.

    The different sizes/weights of objects made it interesting and added variety to it. It had the added benefit where it was fun for a group to play together.

    Group 1