Eliza's PacMan Review
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Game: PacMan
Platform: Flash
Description:  Pac Man is a Simple game where you move the Pac Man around a maze using the arrow keys. Originally the maze is filled with little white things that the Pac Man has to try to “eat.” The trick to the game is that there are ghosts that are trying to catch you and you lose one of your original three lives of you are caught. There are also four White Flashing this that if you eat slow the ghosts down and if you do run into a ghost It dies and has to go back to its little cave thing before you  
Genre: Maze, Real time

Well since it was one of the original 2D game It sort of defined it own genre 

Interface and Controls: All you have are the arrow keys and they control the direction of motion of the Pac Man
Goal: There seem to be two goals. One, to get the most points and Two, to Survive the next level. Though it seems like the levels are more important than the points in the beginning
Challenges: Getting to the next level and deciding when to eat the big white dots. Also because you are in a maze and there are four Ghosts it is easy to get trapped by them.
Rule set: The Rules are simple.
Competition: Because it was originally an arcade game the competition exists between different users and their high scores
Fun: 5
Difficulty to learnEasy(1)
Visual quality: 5
Engaging: 4
Recommendation: 4
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