Badger Shoo
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In Badger Shoo, you are throwing trash at a badger to keep it away from your house. The point of this two-player game is to outlast your opponent by throwing Coke caps at a badger from greater and greater distances.Your opponent is your neighbor who also wants to keep the badger at bay, so he is trying to force the badger farther from his house--and closer to yours.

At the start of the game, the two players are equally close to the badger. Both of you throw two caps at the badger (each round consists of each player throwing two caps). If you miss the badger two consecutive times, the badger gets closer, and you lose a life and take a step closer to the badger. If you hit the badger on either of your two tries (you don't have to try a second time if you hit it on the first try), you take a step back and progress to a farther distance (this simulates the badger running away from you). If your cap hits the badger and stays in contact with the badger, you gain an extra life. You start the game with three lives.

At any point, you can elect to throw the bomb instead. The bomb is easier because it is bigger, but you are allowed only one try with the bomb. The same rules apply for hitting/missing the badger.

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  1. Interesting feedback loop concept.  The bomb was a little light, so it wasn't very effective for mid to long range badger shooing.

    -Group B

  2. Entertaining and fun.  We liked the competitive nature of the game.  It was a little unfortunate that the bomb was not actually helpful, even though its larger size should have made hitting the badger easier.