Art Design Portfolio - Jesse Goldman
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Art Design Portfolio: Jesse Goldman

This menu was made using Flash. It is just a demonstration to show how the menu works on the real game.

Menu Demonstration.swf

In an updated version of the game, this progress circle would be used to let the user know when the screen refreshes. It is not currently implemented in this version. 

Progress Circle.swf

This is the neutral tent

The following animations are the opposing castle teams.

Moving Red Flag and Tower.swf

Moving Blue Flag and Tower.swf 

Moving Red Flag Reinforced.swf 

Moving Blue Flag Reinforced.swf 

Gameplay Images

This image would be used in an updated version of the game in which a nuclear bomb explodes and neutralizes a region of territory.

This pause picture would be placed over the game to show that the game is paused. However, it has not yet been implemented in the current version.

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