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Project 9 aims to create different shapes, tree, and indoor scene using the class to store the data field and methods. First task is to create three trees using the edited interpreter.py, Lsystem,.py and Shape.py modules. Task2 is to create classes for simple shapes in the shape.py module and to use new symbol in the interpreter in order to control fill of different shapes. Task3 is more fun. We need to create an indoor scene that uses the shape created in shape.py. For task 4, first a tile should be created using different shapes from shape.py. Second, a mosaic is created out of the arrangement of many tiles.

To complete task 3, I use rectangles to create walls, table, and tv; lines to create a fancy shadows that reflect 3D shape of the walls and to the wall lower bars; the circle to create the window; and triangles to create a vest and part of tv. For background, I call the background class and fill it with a grey color.
For task 4, I create a tile out of different arrangements of start, of a circle, and of a big square.





For the extension, I create an animation of my scene.py by make some changes to my tree. First I change iteration of the tree from 2 to 4, keeping the angle the same. Then, from iteration 4, I change the color of the leaf, the fruit and the trunk. Finally, I change the angle at iteration five.

Extension Picture