Will's Project 10
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In this Project we added features to our L-system files that allowed for more variety in style. We began by implementing the styles jitter, jitter3 and dotted line. The jitter and jitter three styles made the drawing look more like hand drawn shapes. The jitter 3 function implemented 3 offset versions of jitter. The dotted line function works by dividing the distance of forward movement by 10, then creating small circles on those intervals: the function was written as so.

The next file i created was the _line_styles.py function, this printed out my shapes objects with the new styles, different widths and dot sizes for dotted lines. 

The square on the top right has its dot size set to 900, giving a cool new effect. 

The next file was an indoor scene, where i implemented dotted line triangles and jitter hexagons.

This function took advantage of the large dot sizes and jitter style. 

The final file contained my three rule system. I wanted to create a spiraling Lsystem with multiple nodes. Mine had two different types of leaves(nodes), coming off of the branches. 

This project taught me how much detail you can implement into your l-systems. It honestly seems that you can continue to add and add detail. The jitter functions also opened my eyes to creating more realistic human renderings of the images. 

I worked with Ta's Alaina, Matt, and Hannah