Project 6 Audrey Lyman
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The purpose of the project was to create animation using top-down designs in which simple shapes were used to make complex shapes, which were then animated and combined in a complex scene. 

The first task asked us to create complex objects and animate them. My objects are shown below: 

The firetruck, which was made from rectangles and circles, moves from the right side of the window to the left in intervals of 10 pixels. 

The fireman also moves right to left, and was created with a rectangle for the body, an oval for the hat, and a circle for the head.

The firehydrant is not animated. It was made out of a rectangle and two ovals.

The apartment building was a collection of rectangles.

It is animated with a fire that changes color (the two triangles switch between red and orange).

(Showing that the fire changes color)

The rain and cloud move from right to left across the top of the window. In order to create the rain, I used a for loop for multiples of lines so they appear random. The rain is really only 6 lines, with four for loops (see

This is my final scene (task 2), which combines all of the animated complex objects and includes a background. The sky is just a large rectangle, and the road is made of three rectangles (2 for the yellow lines). 

This shows that my scene can be scaled and placed anywhere (task 3).

For extensions, I made five complex objects, not including the background, and animated four of them. 

I learned a lot about utilizing top-down design and became much more comfortable with lists. Obviously I learned how to animate objects as well.