Larry's Project 11
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This lab was our final one and introduced us to 3D image creating techniques.


Our first required image had us drawing 4 shapes, implementing them in 2 different styles.

Our second and third required images are of a scene. I created a forest scene. Each tree is randomly placed on a forest floor (a giant cube), with a random size.

Our fourth required image was very open ended.... I was not sure what to do so I did two, the non-required one will count as an extension I guess. The first thing i made was an extra scene. To make the pyramid more Egyptian looking, I had it use cubes in a tile making format similar to proj8.

and the second was a scene that used user input to ?put ether a cube or hexagonly object randomly with a random color. Here is the video of that

What I learned:

I learned how to create 3D images. Wish I didn't have as a hectic past week to be able to really dive into the 3D program. I worked with Mike an Toni.