CS 151-fall 11-proj 5
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  To learn to use alpha blending and effects to create a collage with lists as part of the coding.

Task One
Task one was to create a collage with 5 different pictures, one being a picture of myself. I used 4 effects, swapRedBlue, swapRedGreen,swapBlueGreen and two new effects, dots and mirror. Also, the two effects, 'mirror'  and ' pixmapblue ' can be controlled through the command line. Each one manipulates the color pixels.Because the pictures overlap, alpha blending gives an interesting effect to the collage.


Task Two
Task two was to create a collage in the shape of a triangle, with three different pictures.


Extensions : I have already used several extensions such as use of command line for mirror effect and creation of additional effects such as dots in required image 1.

Also, I created another collage with four images called 'quadcollage'. 


What I learned

  • To achieve efficiency in coding through the use of lists.
  • To create special effects on images through overlapping and alpha blending.
  • To create programs in which effects can be decided through command lines.
  • To create interesting images such as the maine( light house image) with complex effects such as mirror effect through simple coding.
  • To use lists with x,y positions and 'convert scaling' to create collages to give shapes such as triangles.