CJ Smith's Project 4
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The main purpose of this lab was to teach us how to manipulate the pixels of a picture to create a different looking image.  We manipulated the pixels of the images to create an Andy Warhol type picture.  We started off by learning how to switch the pixels for a given picture, then expanded on how we switched them, then we learned how to create clone picture and manipulate those pixels in a different way, and finally putting all the manipulated images together to make our final Andy Warhol style image.


Once i was able to work through the first pixel manipulation function, I was able to manipulate and swap the pixel colors rather easily.  I first swapped Red and Blue, then Red and Green, then Green and Blue, and after that I attempted to create a Green Red function, only to realize that it was doing the same thing as the Red Green function was doing.  The last manipulation I chose to do was creating a "red room" type look.  It looks as if you are in a photo room.  After cloning the Pixmap and putting the Maps in the pixmap, we created a large pixmap that put together all 4 images to look like the following:

The last part of the lab asked us to take the blue background and replace it with another color.  I chose to swap the blue pixels out for red, thus giving me code that looks like this: 
When executed, the final picture with the red background instead of the blue looks like this:

Lastly was my extension. For my extension, I created a larger Warhol image with additional pixel manipulations.  Since it is 3 pictures wide, you need to change the width to 2*map1.getWidth() to make sure the third column starts in the right position.   Figuring out what to do with the height is easy because it starts at the same height as the previous two, Map1.getHeight()

From this lab, I was able to learn a great deal about pixmaps and the manipulation of pixels.  These are all things that are possible to do with Photoshop, but until I took this lab, I didnt know it was even possible to do just by coding.  I also learned how to create clone Pixmaps and put them together to create a new, more modern, Warhol image.  

For this lab I worked with Cody, Dan, and Tommaso, and TA's including Matt and Charles.