Assignment 9
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This week's lab asked us to use classes, Lsystems, and objects to create scenes and tiles containing different shapes.

Task one asked us to create a string using an Lsystem, creating a line of trees. Image1

Task two asked us to create a shape class, and then create several different types of shapes, using {} to turn on and off the filling of color to the shapes. Image2

Task three asked us to create an indoor scene using shapes and including trees within a painting. I drew a living room scene, including a couch with pillows, a coffee table, two potted plants, and a picture of trees hung on the wall. Image3

Task four asked us to create a tile, using scale to draw different shapes inside the constraints of a square tile shape. Next, we were to create a function to create a mosaic, drawing the tiles repeatedly. Image4

While working on this lab, I learned how best to draw objects within classes, how to manipulate scale in the easiest manner, and how to create repetition of my objects with my mosaic function. I really enjoyed this lab, it being my favorite thus far. I really had fun playing around with the directional aspects of placing the different shapes in different locations so that they would best fit the image and/or tile. I love how these labs are building on one another, and I feel as though all of this repetition and practice is making me understand so much more about python and its capabilities.