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For Project 2, we used the pre-written display and graphics modules to show a Pixmap image of the picture above (me). I wrote a filter program in which I made a series of functions that mess with the color of images. I also created a function to designate the location of a Pixmap image through parameters, called putPixmap.

By using these filters I was able to create a collage of pictures of myself in a Warhol like painting:

I did this by first cloning each Pixmap image and then using the putPixmap function to choose the location of each new “map.” By using my filters, I could use a different color coordination on each image.

I also created a more complex collage of these flowers by using many of the same procedures.

Lastly, I created a function that would remove the blue background from the initial picture used in the lab. Code from the function is previewed below:


During this lab I learned a lot about graphics module and using computers to manipulate images. I also learned more about assigning strings of code to variable and then using these variables again later in code. I had been struggling with this concept and this could be the first project I properly pulled it off.

During this project I worked with Stephanie and Kyle, as well as two TAs named Matt and Charles. I also worked a little bit with Dan, CJ, and Luc.