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Check here for reading assignments, class notes, and other important class updates.

Week of 3/18
  • Don't forget your two lecture videos due this week (Monday and Wednesday, respectively).
  • No new reading this week ... other than that the rest of your 'textbook' is a useful guide for thinking about experimentation in biochemistry.
  • On Monday we will discuss the final project. Please check out the Final Project page to make sure you're aware of upcoming deadlines, including your executive summary on 4/2 by 5 PM.
  • Your midterm exam is will be available on Moodle from 8 PM on Sunday, 3/31 to 8 PM on Tuesday, 4/2.
  • Check the Class Schedule page for this week's literature assignments.
Week of 3/11
  • Textbook reading assignment: Chapters 13 & 14.
  • You will have TWO lecture videos for next week, the first due by class time on Monday and the second by Wednesday.
  • Check the Class Schedule page for the literature assignments.
  • On Monday, we will do an in-class workshop on using Adobe Illustrator to design figures. We'll meet in Lovejoy 400.
  • MULE assignment reminder: Your final mule papers are due Sunday, 3/17. The length is minimum 1 page, maximum 2 pages (single spaced). The changes to the assumptions from the original assignment are as follows:
    • The MULE gene is at a distinct locus from Bcl-Xl
    • There are unique sequences in MULE's transcript that allow for specific RNAi constructs, though they're not currently available.
    • The 5' and 3' UTRs of the MULE transcript are also unique from Bcl-Xl.
    • The original paper reporting on MULE did not provide specific evidence of MULE's role in apoptosis, there was only speculation based on the association with Bax described and the homology to Bcl-Xl.
  • Don't forget to be working on your Executive Summary, due 4/2 by 5 PM. Please check the Final Project page regularly to make sure you're on track.
Week of 3/4
  • Textbook reading assignment: Chapters 7 & 9.
  • Lecture 5 video 'due' by class time on Monday.
  • We will do one more week on your MULE assignments. Though your final papers won't be due until Sunday, 3/17, I will ask each of you to present your proposals to the class. No PowerPoint necessary, we'll just go around the table and discuss the scientific merits of each, which will hopefully be helpful finishing up your final draft.
  • In addition, we'll consider the following questions as a group:
    • What are the challenges you've faced in approaching the MULE proposals?
    • What have been the similarities and differences between these proposals and other writing you've done in science?
    • How has what you've learned about proposal writing so far influenced your early thinking about your final project?
    • How has your view of the primary literature changed after your JBC reviews and MULE assignments?
Week of 2/25
  • Textbook reading assignment: Chapters 23 & 24
  • Lecture 4 video 'due' by class time on Monday
  • Check the Class Schedule page for the literature assignments.
  • Monday is the in-class peer review.
Week of 2/18
  • Textbook reading assignment: Chapters 5 & 6
  • Lecture 3 video 'due' by class time on Monday
  • Check the Class Schedule page for the literature assignments.
  • Your MULE papers are due electronically on Saturday by 5 PM. You will receive a classmate's paper by email by Sunday morning and are to complete a peer-review by class on Monday, during which we will hold a peer-review writing workshop.
Week of 2/11
  • Textbook reading assignment: Chapter 4
  • I realize I could have also assigned Chapters 8, 11, and 12 last week. Obviously, this is a lot of 'reading,' but as with all of these reading assignements, it's more for reference, then absolute requirement.
  • Lecture 2 video 'due' by class time on Monday
  • Check the Class Schedule page for the literature assignments.
  • Here is the rubric for the oral presentation of the papers. Please remember that I will be also keeping track of the contribution of the summary-writers and of the questions asked of the rest of the clas
  • New policy:  Papers selected for presentation must be shared with Kevin at least three days prior to its presentation.
  • Here is the first writing assignment, due 2/23.


Week of 2/6
  • Welcome to CH444!
  • Assignments for Week 1
    • Textbook reading assignment: Chapters 1-3 (The first two chapters should be review, feel free to skim)
    • Register for EDpuzzle here using this code: segidub
      • First, create an account in EDpuzzle by registering through "Google" as a 'student' using your Colby email credentials
    • Watch the first lecture video and complete the embedded quizzes (≈1 hour) - This is due by the start of class on Monday 2/11
    • Read this paper, from the most recent issue of the Journal of Biological Chemistry, and write a paragraph (half page maximum) review. Focus on the experimental methods, particularly those presented in the reading and lecture video, and discuss your interpretation of the validity of the experimental approach. - This is due by the start of class on Monday 2/11
  • Intro slides
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