Blog from February, 2012

Info on MULE assignments

Hey folks, I already emailed about what is "known" about MULE's gene, but there's another piece of advice I can share. Someone asked about the appropriate level of detail ... this will perhaps be the toughest part of the assignment to get "right", but it will be a VERY important thing to get accustomed to as we move forward. It will be similar to the Methods sections of your 367 lab reports, but even less. If, for instance, you wanted to propose knocking down a gene, you need more than to say, "I will knock down the gene" ... but less than, "I will add 4.6 microliters of such and such ..." I need to know the specific experimental strategy including variables and application-specific modifications, but don't need a thoroughly laid-out experimental protocol. I hope this makes sense. One of the things you'll need to include from time to time is the availability of certain reagents, kits, resins, etc. I made a list of vendor websites and put it in the Primary Literature Resources page. I think you'll find the information that these vendors provide to be helpful in constructing proposals. Good luck!