Image J Macro Area Analysis
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1. Analyzing Pictures (to be coupled with Adobe Image analysis)

  • Save straightballer.txt (macro) onto folder where edited pictures are saved. straightballer.txt can be found on BI474 Protocols. Save it as .txt file.
  • Open Image J
    • Open Image > Set Scale. To set scale, draw a line as long as the scale is > Go to analyze menu and click on set scale. Under known value enter whatever your scale number is (e.g. 25 or 50). Then in units set to "um". Click global box so that all pictures will be measures in terms of um. Look on left side of image and measurements should be in um.
    • Go to Plugins > Macros > Run > Open straghtballer.txt > make sure folder with edited pictures is highlighted and click open
    • Macro should go through and find measurements. Drag data into excel. Many times the first measurement comes out twice in table so check that their are no duplicates in excel table.
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