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Historical Audio Links

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These are interviews with residents of the Middle Jubba Valley of Southern Somalia.  They were conducted in 1987-88  by Ali Ibrahim as part of the ethnographic research project supervised by Catherine Besteman, Professor of Anthropology at Colby College. The audio clips are in Somali and Maay Maay. This is the only audio archive of Middle Jubba history in existence.

Khadija on Boraney
Khadija and Ogle
Khadija and Ogle were well known, widely respected Boraney practitioners in the middle Jubba Valley. They conducted healing rituals throughout the middle valley in the 1980s. On these interviews they talk about their background and training as well as the historical, ritual, and spiritual dimension of Boraney practice.

Boraney practitioners from Maluge on Boraney
The village of Maluge on the Jubba River was the base of Boraney ritual expertise in the middle valley. Khadija, Ogle, and other members of their Maluge-based group discuss Boraney ritual and practice.

Boraney Music
The Maluge-based group sings Boraney songs.

Daliya lived in the middle Jubba and was a local poet. She talks about her life. January 10, 1988.

Haji Farhan Abshir on Kardale
Haji Farhan Abshir tells the history of Kardale village to Mahamed Adan Keynan. March 17, 1988.

Ido Rooble on Boran history and Banta
Ido Rooble was an oral historian from Banta. Here he talks about his background, the settling of the middle Jubba Region, and Boran history in Somalia. November 7, 1987.

Maddow elder Muhumed Kheyr
Maddow elder Muhumed Kheyr tells the history of Maddow village. January 16, 1988.

Maalin Addow-I
Maalin Addow-II
Maalin Addow-III
Maalin Addow-IV
Maalin Addow-V
Maalin Addow-VI
Maalin Addow-VII
Maalin Addow, head of Teytey village, tells his history and the history of the middle Jubba region. Interviews took place during 1988.

Sheikh Biyoy
Sheik Biyoy from Bu'aale tells the history of Ajuraan people in the Middle Jubba region. March 4, 1988.

Anole Elders
Anole elders Abdow Osman and Aliyow Nyunyo tell the history of Anole village. March 16, 1988.

Listen to Ali Osman's poetry (with translation provided by Ali Ibrahim):
Track One
Track Two
Track Three
Listen to Ali Osman play the flute:
Track One

Buurfulle Elders

Elders Abdi Sagaal Osman and Adan Barkaan Maadow tell the history of Buurfule
village. March 14, 1988.

Jabbi Elders

Jabbi elders Adan Shaai and Abdi Raage tell the history of Jabbi village. March
30, 1988.

Jimale Matan on Banta

Banta elder Jimale Matan talks about Boran history in the region. April 8, 1988.

Ahmey Abdi, Ugas of Bu'aale

Ahmeey Abdi, Ugaas of Bu'aale, talks about Ajuran history in the region. January
14, 1988.


Siyad Husein talks about regional history. March 14, 1988.

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