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Asha Iman

Unknown macro: {center} "My life is okay now. When we were Kakuma where we were living while we were getting processed, I was making a building in my house, and I was feeling hurt. Now in America, I'm not doing anything. I am just sitting, so I am very proud in America. When I came to America, I am an elder, so I am not working. I am just making food for my kiddies. I am just fine in America. I am okay."


Unknown macro: {center} Asha Iman sits in the center of the photo on the left, taken in Banta in 1988. The village women were working together to prepare a community feast. The photo on the right shows Asha in her apartment in Lewiston. Below, she talks with Shobow Saban about the photo of her from Somalia.


Unknown macro: {center}

Unknown macro: {center}

"When I was in Africa, in Somalia, I was farming. And I was weaving baskets. I was going to the river, and then I was getting water from the river. When we were farming there were a lot of animals like monkeys so I was guarding the farm to keep the animals away from the food because that's where we lived and if they ate it, we didn't have any food."

Listen to Asha talk about the photo of her in Somalia

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