Ibrahim Riaz Final Project CS 151 (Portfolio)


This project did not include new knowledge. We just consolidated pre-existing knowledge to create a new set of scenes and reflect on how we grew over the entire semester.


Project 11 

Scene 1:

This scene is perhaps the most example of my favorite saying-less is more. As part of CS journey, nothing enticed me more than abstractionism. This digital painting represents an infinite conundrum and has been titled "Doors".

Scene 2

This next scene is called gravity and represents different layers (a concept I picked up in Adobe Photoshop) and makes use of recursion. For a fun activity try to guess how many layers this scene took to be created?


Scene 3

Scene 3 is an animation that shows the stars becoming more prominent as the night stretches on. It is therefore titled, "Starry Nights". It makes use of alternate styles of drawing and randomization to emulate the behavior of the skies.

Project 10 


This scene shows a parametrized with different trees and soil. The next ones cooler.



This was my Lsystem ibreetree. Pretty nice by my standards.


Project 7 

This one was the first time I was blown away by L systems.

Project 6 

OOOFF THE FILTERS !!! I copied images of Martin Garrix and put them through a series of filters by accessing and editing each pixel.


Project 4

I think we should all take a moment to recall the graphics package which was helpful to use and save time creating common shapes.


Honestly, I loved the semester. Before going home and being unable to code in peace, I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed CS. I found that even though coding may not be a large part of my life, the computational concepts I learnt are hard to let go off. Perhaps this is why I have decided to take CS231 next semester ? Anyways I am ecstatic about next semester and cannot wait to create more digital art once summer starts !


This goes out to the realest one: Dylan Tymkiw 

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