Justin Gelwicks

Professor Layton



Project 5


 The purpose of this project was to strengthen our understanding of lists and the process of importing and placing an image into a window (which we also learned how to make in class). This manifested itself by placing filters on images and then arranging them into things like cover photos for facebook and collages.


Required Image #1:

 The large majority of the work for this project was placed into the creating required image one. Once I had found the size of the images, all that I had to do was use my goto function to place them the shared widths and heights away from each other.

Required Image #2:

 The point of creating required image two was to create a window that was three times as wide as tall. This exercised the use of print statements to find the dimensions of an image as well as placing them in the right spots to create the image.



The large majority of the work for this project was placed into the creating required image one. Once I had the size of the images -- which I found by printing the value of getHeight() and getWidth(), I could use their goto functions to place them alongside one another. Then applying filters from the last lab, alongside some new ones I created specifically for this project, I called my draw function to place them within the window that I made; this was required image one. Once I had created required image one, the next image was a breeze (despite almost screwing it up). I placed three of the main ppms next to each other and as I took a screenshot and realized that the pictures were longer than tall. I then had to place them their height away from each other in order to make the width three times as it is tall.

What I learned:

 This project allowed me to apply the lessons we learned in class this week so that I could see their applications first hand. Chiefly among these, the use of lists within this project was essential. Additionally applying filters, like the previous project, was a predominant topic that I had the chance to practice in this lab.


Office hours-- Professor Layton: Thursday