Learning Chemistry, especially Organic Chemistry, can be hard. This page contains some topics and advice to help you succeed.


   How do I study for organic chemistry?

Organic chemistry, at its heart, is a subject that involves solving puzzles using knowledge learned from past organic chemistry experiments. First you will need to gain a sufficient knowledge of the material in order to have a foundation from which to draw upon. Then, you will want to work through a lot of practice problems until you get used to the patterns and ways the course material is applied to new situations and structures.

     Uh, right, so how do I go about doing that…?

First, make sure that you review and practice these concepts from General Chemistry (you will really need them, and confusion here will put you at a disadvantage when trying to learn new stuff!):

These concepts are super important for CH241/242:

Octet rule                     Valence electrons                     Ionic bonds     

Covalent bonds            Electronegativity                      Polar covalent bonds

Formal charge             Writing Lewis structures           Writing resonance structures 

Atomic orbitals             Molecular orbitals


These concepts are also important for CH241/242 (but less critical than the group above):

Electronic configuration of atoms        Ionizaton Potential

Hund’s rule                                          Pauli exclusion principle                     

Bond dissociation energy                    Dipole moment                                    


    OK, now that you have practiced all of the stuff listed above, here are some good strategies.