The purpose of this project was to learn how to use the 'turtle' feature of python programming language.  As the name of the project suggests, the python turtle allows me to draw different shapes and create further complex shapes using different features.  Descriptions and images below will illustrate how my shapes became more sophisticated as I moved on to different steps and extensions in the project.


Required Codes:






Conclusions: I learned several lessons from this project since I am a beginner in computer programming.  First of all, I realized codes can get very long very quickly.  Then, I noticed there are different functions that can be used to reduce 'duplications' as Professor Skrien mentioned in class.  I personally think the purpose of this project was to introduce the basics of python turtle and the concept of a function and its benefit in coding.  While working on this project, I received help from Professor Skrien and Eaton, TAs in the weekends, most of all the interactive online textbook.  I believe it was chapter 4 that helped me to figure out how to use loop and range functions.  The example codes on the textbook also helped me to come up with my own for the project.