For this project, I had to animate a scene using a few different shape groups that create complex images. This project helped with taking advantage of objects with similar structures and top-down design.

First, I made an initial shape group for a house using graphics plus' rectangle and polygon functions. I then made a function that would animate the house turning the windows from black to yellow in the fashion of flickering lights. This was done with an if statement choosing the color yellow for even numbered frame numbers and black for odd. Next I made another shape group for a stick figure. In fact, I made two of these, one with arms down and one with arms up. I did this because halfway through the animation the stick figure stops moving to the right and begins to fall lifting its arms up. They look like this:

I then created a new python file called that consisted solely of a main function that initialized these shapes, then, using a for loop, animated them over 100 frames. It looked like this:

In doing this project, I learned how to animate shape groups and put them together, and I worked alone on this.