The goal of this assignment was to use loops and conditions in order to create more complex scenes, as well as adapting previous code to new purposes. 

First I edited the shape function that I had made in the previous class, to include looping to make the function simpler, as well as color functions and fill functions to give more options.

Then I created the Home function at three different places and with three different scales in order to make sure that they worked everywhere:

Using the Home function, I created a museum scene in which the house and lampposts are framed pictures 

I then edited the museum function so that typing "Yes" into the terminal would make the frames and floor brown, while typing "No" would make them blue 

For the extension I made the floor's color independent of the frames, so that typing "Grass" would make the floor green and typing "Wood" would make the floor orange

In this project I learned how to use for loops to shorten functions, how to fill in a shape using turtle and how to use a command-line argument

I did not collaborate with anyone on this project