Iron bound by unidentified organic complexes.

Episodic Iron Depositing By Dust Storms

Determination of subnanomolar levels of iron(II) and total dissolved iron in seawater by flow injection and analysis with chemiluminescence detection

Improved method for shipboard determination of iron in seawater by flow injection analysis
Determination of iron in seawater by high-resolution isotope dilution inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry after Mg(OH)2 coprecipitation
Determination of sub-nanomolar levels of iron in seawater using flow injection with chemiluminescence detection
Dissolved iron at subnanomolar levels in the Southern Ocean as determined by ship-board analysis
Ironn (II) and iron(III) determination in sea water at the nanomolar level with selective on-line preconcentration and spectrophotometric determination
Determination of iron in seawater
Fluorescent siderophore-based chemosensors: iron(III) quantitative determinations

 Determination of Iron reduction and uptake by phytoplankton

Automated determination of iron in seawater by chelating resin concentration and chemiluminescence detection\\

Fe (III) speciation in the high nutrient, low chlorophyll Pacific region of the Southern Ocean

Determining Subnanomolar Iron Concentrations in Oceanic Seawater Using a Siderophore-Modified Film Analyzed by Infrared Spectroscopy

A mesoscale iron enrichment in the western subarctic Pacific induces a large centric diatom bloom.

Redox speciation of iron in waters by resin-based column chromatography