T-90 Tank

by KYPMBangi on DeviantArt.com

- I chose this piece because it is somewhat relevant to our game, Tiny Tanks. The tank design for our game is going to be more "toy-like", but still some cool ideas could be taken from this tank, such as attaching headlights or antennae.


by Night Fate on DeviantArt.com

- I chose this because the artists technique was interesting. (S)he used mountains rendered in a 3D graphics program, but the sky image was extracted from an actual photograph of a sunset. In our final tanks project, a similar technique was used, by applying a texture from an actual tank to color in our "tiny tanks" image.

 Susan Constant


- I chose this simply because it is an inspiring picture. The image was created using a 3D graphics engine to draw the outline of the ships, and everything else was added in using photoshop and a tablet.

Homeworld Screenshots

Sierra Entertainment

 - The first screen shot is from Homeworld 2, and the first is a screenshot from the original Homeworld.  Homeworld was released in 1999, but I always remembered it for having some of the most stunning and epic visuals of any game I had played.