In this week's ?project, I learned how to draw images in 3d using a turtle. This allowed me to practice new ways of coding such as using my classes and  using recursive functions.

Task 1:

In this task, I created 4 images in 3d and put them creatively in a 3d scene. I arranged the 3d scene to appear like an abstract camera. The camera is composed of a star as the body and several objects as a lens.

This is the front view:

This is a rotated view:

This is another rotated view:

Task 4 and extension:

In this task, I aimed at creating a complex image using simple string. In order to keep the code simple and modular, I didnt implement as many aspects as I initially intended. This use tiny movements of a few degrees by the turtle with a fixed angle.

Task recursive:

Below is an image that represent nested blocks, this used a recursive formula below.

Below is the recursive function for the nested boxes above:


The first string was to design my star
The second string was used to create a lamp

The project helped me implement various methods that I developed during my semester with the cs department.


I would like to thank Phoebe for her help as a tutor.
I would like to thank Professor Li for her support and allowing to submit this work late.