Name of the game

    Ultimate Flash Sonic

Game platform

    Computer (Flash)

Write a brief description of the game

    Play as Sonic the Hedgehog as you collect as many golden rings as you can as quickly as you can. Look out for obstacles and enemies that will try to knock the rings out of your hands. If you lose all of the rings and get hit by an ene

What is the game's genre? Does it follow the rules for the genre? Does it have any unique characteristics relative to other games in the genre?

    Platformer. It follows the rules of a platformer game. It has unique characteristics in how fast you can run, which is the key feature of sonic games.

Describe the game interface. What controls are available to the user, and what aspects of the game do they control?

    The game uses the arrow keys to navigate left and right, the spacebar to jump, the enter key to pause, and the down key with the spacebar for a power move. If you hold down the arrow keys, the character will progressively accelerate.

How many different images are used in the game?

    The image of Sonic is the main image that the user controls. The background image is still, but changes as you progress or travel through the game. It’s not dynamic, but what you see changes. There are images for the rings that you collect, the objects that Sonic interacts with (ex. buttons and trampolines), the obstacles (ex. spikes) and the villains (ex. monkeys and crabs).

How many of the images move during gameplay, and how much of the screen do the moving images occupy?

    Sonic moves, the rings rotate, and the villains move up and down or sideways while throwing things at Sonic (which move or rotate as well).

What is the goal of the game?

    To collect as many rings as possible as quickly as possible without losing them and without dying, and to reach the goal at the end.

What are the major challenges of the game?

    Collecting as many rings as possible and avoiding the villains/obstacles (or defeating the villains by landing on them, which gives you extra points). You want to get the best time and the best score possible.

What is the complexity of the rule set?

    The rules are relatively straightforward and easy to follow.

What kind of competition exists?

    A competition between the user and the obstacles and villains I think. Although the obstacles and villains do not chase you, they are what cause you to lose. If you avoid the obstacles and maneuver around or defeat the villains, you will win and progress to the next level.

Is the game fun? Rate on a scale of 1 (not fun) to 5 (very fun)

    Tracy - I would say this game is decently fun. I didn’t meet many challenging barriers in this game. ?

    Zena - 4/5. I think it is very fun because the levels have a lot to explore and many enemies, and the controls are interesting as well. As expected of a sonic-themed game.

Is the game difficult to learn? Rate on a scale of 1 (easy) to 5 (difficult).

    Tracy - It’s not difficult to learn. Use classic keyboard controls. ?

    Zena - 2.5/5. If you don’t look up the instructions, you may overlook some things. Also, it is hard to predict obstacles sometimes. But most of it is easy to learn.

Rate the visual quality of the game between 1 (poor) to 5 (very good).

    Tracy - I really like the pixel style. Also, it has some fancy effects. ?

    Zena - 4/5. It is good quality for a flash game and looks as good as a real sonic game from years ago, such as for GBA, did.

How engaging is the game? Rate on a scale of 1 (not at all) to 5 (extremely).

    Tracy - It doesn’t feel that engaging. I become bored after a few levels. ?

    Zena - 3/5. It is mostly engaging with the enemies and such, but a lot of the time, you could end up just standing there taking your time.

What is your overall recommendation for the game? Rate on a scale of 1 (Do not recommend) to 5 (strongly recommend).

    Zena - 4/5. I play it a lot, admittedly. It has interesting levels, different playable characters, and replayability.

    Tracy - The game is not that attractive but it’s a decent game to pass game. 3/5