Week 3

January 19 Monday Campus Songs in the early 1980s
Olive Tree (Qin Yu, Fei Yuqing) Text
On the Country Path

January 20, Tuesday, Teresa Teng (1953-1995)
Small Town Stories
The Moon Represents My Heart
Sweet Honey (Rock version, Levin, English version)

January 22, Thursday, Gangtai patriotic songs
My Chinese Heart (Zhang Mingmin, Hong Kong, 1982)
Decedents of the Dragon (Hou Dejian, Taiwan, 1984.Lee Hum Wang)

January 21, Wednesday, Post-Mao pop songs
Full Moon
Blood Stained Valor (Red Laowai) Text \\
Nothingto My Name (Cui Jian1986)
Press on Bravely (Northwest Wind Style, 1987, from Film Red Sorghum