To create this image I first had to make sure I was in the proper directory.  To do this, I opened the Terminal, signed into the Colby file server and dragged and dropped my File into Terminal to get into the proper directory.  After doing this, I went into my textwrangler and changed the code for my square into the code for a hexagon, making sure the angles were 60 degrees each, and instead of having 4 sides, creating 6 sides. 

For the second part of Project 1, I chose to create an L Shape for shapeA.  To do this, I first tried to create it on my own, making a mistake when I used the command down instead of forward, then after I put the python into the Terminal, it told me that I was incorrect.  Once that happened I fixed that and corrected it to being forward instead of down.  Once I was able to fix this problem I entered the command into the Terminal and finished with this picture:

For the next shape,, I chose to create the simple version of the outside of a house.  A rectangle with a triangle on the top.  The main problem I face when creating the code for these is figuring out the proper angles to command the turtle to turn, in order to give me the proper picture.  After a few incorrect angles, I figured out that the I needed to turn the turtle 120 degrees in order to get it on the proper line and go back down to the other side of the rectangle below it.  The final picture looked like the following:

The Last shape that I needed to create was shapeD.  I started off with a simple octagon and made sure to make it with parameters. To do this, instead of giving each side a defined side length, I put a variable in for the side length.  After i finished definingthe shape and giving it the correct commands to create an octagon, I set the parameters to 100 and got an octagon.  Then, feeling a bit more comfortable with parameters, I created the picture below.  This was done by creating shapeE through multiple shapeD's with different parameters, and starting at different angles.  To get the octagons inside the octagons, I used one large and one small and between the two commands, I made sure to rotate the turtle by 180 degrees.  the final image is shown below.

The last and extra shape I chose to create was a combination of my second shape, shapeB. In an attempt to flip the original image and draw a second one above the original, I commanded it to draw 2 shapeB's one after the other.  After that happened the image gave me an idea, so I added 4 more shape B's to complete the image fully around, giving me a flower type looking image.  Then I wanted to add my first image to this picture so I chose to command it to stop drawing, navigate to the proper place and then, draw the first L with double its original parameters.  After I finished the first, I thought that they reminded me of legs and i decided to put a second one in to look as if they are walking legs.  This shapes were not required but I was interested in the shapes that I was creating and wanted to finish this cool design.