The State of Maine's Environment 2008

We would like to thank the many people who helped us to develop this report. We spoke with numerous experts in our fields of study, all of whom provided excellent insight on our topics. Also, Colby faculty and staff helped us immensely to design, compile, and produce this report. We would especially like to thank our professor, Philip Nyhus, for his unparalleled dedication to our class throughout the semester.

Colby Faculty and Staff

Philip Nyhus: Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies

Gail Carlson: Visiting Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies  

Manny Gimond: GIS and Quantitative Analysis Specialist 

Jason Parkhill: Academic Information Technology Services 

Beth Kopp: Environmental Studies Coordinator 

Russ Cole: Chair, Environmental Studies Program  

Andrew W. Mellon Foundation

Field Experts

Andy Smith: Maine Department of Health and Human Services

Angus King: Former Governor of Maine 

Barry Mower: Maine Department of Environmental Protection

Dr. Wendy Weiger: Moosehead Futures

Fred Bever: Maine Public Utilities Commission

Jim Glavine: Moosehead Futures & Beaver Cove Art

John Sowles: Maine Department of Marine Resources

Marcy Nelson: Maine Department of Marine Resources

Neil Kamman: Environmental Scientist, VT

Ruth and Dan McLaughlin: Blair Hill Inn

Steve Burns: Maine Lobsterman

Tim Glidden: Maine State Planning Office