1. Name of the game: AdventureQuest
  2. Game platform: Flash game
  3. Brief Description: The game allows the user to create up to 5 characters of different races. Then the character is able to travel around a vast map of locations, the main of which is the town of Battleon. The game offers daily campaigns, as well as more extensive campaigns in different locations of the map. The characters are able to level up according to the amount of experience gained in battles. Each quest consists of several battles, with or without possibilities of healing. Each battle victory earns the character a prize (gold or other), which he can then trade off for newer better weapons, armor, spells, etc. The character can also train to improve his skills and thus be able to defeat enemies of greater levels. Each character can train in several categories (ninja, knight, mage, wizard, necromancer, fighter, pirate,etc.). Each class allows the character to learn unique abilities helpful in fighting enemies. The character is also able to purchase land, property, pets and homes in different locations of the map, which bring them profit and increase morale. The user may upgrade their character to Guardian class, which allows for many more capabilities in the game, however that feature is not free.
  4. Game Genre: Action-Adventure game based on quests and interactions with characters in the game. The game is focused on exploration of the lands, with side-quests, collection of items and experience, trading and other interactions. The game is quite typical of its genre.
  5. Game Interface: The user can control their character by mouse. By clicking on different objects, characters and locations on the map the user is able to go to a certain location, enter a building or prompt a character for interaction. The user chooses different interaction options by clicking on respective buttons. During battles, a battle menu allows the user to control his characters actions: using spells, armor attacks, potions and so on.
  6. Goal of the Game: Defeat the Drakel Tribes that are threatening the world is the main objective. There are many quests that lead to defeat of the drakels step by step. The quests are mostly  not connected to each other, but they all theoretically contribute to the main objective. There are also side quests, which involve helping characters that need help (rescuing someone or finding an ancient sword).
  7. Major Challenges: Defeating monsters and collecting rewards, completing quests and leveling up the character, training in different classes.
  8. The rules of the game are quite simple: accept the quest, defeat some monsters, collect the reward, trade it for advanced items, level up.
  9. Competition: Competing with higher level characters for gold, vaster lands, better property, higher class level, more advanced weapons, pets and armor. Once a character has a land in possession, he is able to visit homes of other characters in the game. One is able to conquer other characters' property if they can defeat the guards. It is then important to upgrade own property and hire better guards to maintain the character's own property intact while the character is off on quests.
  10. Fun rating: 4.
  11. Learning difficulty: 2. The game tactic is pretty easy to pick up, there are only that many options during battles and for interactions. Since actions are only activated by the click of the mouse on certain objects and menu option buttons, there is not much ambiguity as to how to play the game.
  12. Visual quality: 3. The graphics are not bad for a flash game, although some monsters and weapons look like they were drawn in 15 minutes in ?Paint. The sound effects make up for the lack of visual quality.
  13. Engagement: 5. The amount of better, higher levels, more advanced items keeps the player engaged. There is a lot to explore and there are a lot of quest possibilities, which keep the player from getting bored.
  14. Recommendation: 4.