Intellectual Property Contract

TITLE I. Memebers

This contract pertains to the members of the group developing code in Colby College’s JanPlan course CS269 and CS369. The member names are: Andrew M. Cox, Peter R. Williams, Alexander P. Mayer, Chris R. Murdock, Lana N. Ciociolo-Hinkell, Greg M. Klein.


TITLE II. Decisions by Quorum

All decisions pertaining to the intellectual property of the code, artistry, ideas, and other parts of versions of this project must be made by a majority of 4 out of 6 members. If all members are not present, and the absent members can not be reached, a quorum of a minimum of 4 members may make a decision that is binding to the whole.

In the event that a decision can not be made, binding arbitration will be assigned to Bruce Maxwell, or the Colby College Computer Science Department Chair.


TITLE III. Distribution of funds

All profits from this code, its artistry, ideas, or any other part or whole of it, will be split evenly between the members. In the case of death of one or more members, the remaining members will split all profits.


TITLE IV. Dissolution of Group

In the event that the group decides to dissolve, the group must elect a member of the group who will remain in control of all property rights of the code, artistry, ideas, etc.


TITLE V. Amending This Contract

At any time during the course (January 2009), the group may, by a 4 of 6 majority (or by quorum), amend this contract. After this time, the contract may be opened to amendment if the group decides, at which point all proposed amendments will be considered for addition to this document.







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